Financial Advice In Edinburgh

What Can You Expect From Top Advisors?

Financial Advice In Edinburgh: What Can You Expect From Top Advisors?

Financial advice in Edinburgh comes in many forms, and covers a range of different aspects in terms of financial planning and financial products.

Before you choose a financial advisor Edinburgh, it is important to know what advice they can give, and have a reasonable idea of what it is you want to achieve from your financial planning. A good place to start is by understanding a little more about different financial products and the risks that they involve for you, as well as the potential rewards of holding these products. Two of the most common products to consider are cash savings and investments.

Cash savings products tend to be low-risk products such as fixed rate savings bonds and cash ISAs. While you do not necessarily need a financial advisor in Edinburgh to choose between these products, advice might be invaluable when deciding whether it is the right way forward for you. While they are low-risk, they can also often be low reward, so it might be a good product for some but not all of the money you want to save. Investment advice in Edinburgh covers a wider range of products, including shares and unit trusts.

These products vary greatly in terms of risk, and should only be considered after taking tailored advice from financial advisors in Edinburgh who have experience in this area. The value of investments and the income derived from them can fall as well as rise, meaning you may not get back what you invest. Some of the considerations with these products include the amount of money you can afford to lose, your attitude to risk, and your knowledge of the markets. If you want to access a private pension scheme, then professional pension advice in Edinburgh is essential. Again, the risks involved vary depending on where the pension scheme invests the money. You should also remember that a pension is a long-term investment, meaning you need to consider possible changes to your circumstances over time.

Other areas where financial advice can be invaluable include mortgages and insurances. While you are unlikely to need advice for general household insurance, you may do so if you have unusual items, a large estate, or need diverse types of insurance, such as business insurance, or life insurance in Edinburgh. Regardless of the product, or the type of financial planning you are trying to achieve, we at Rowanbank Financial Consultants Limited have the skills and experience needed to give you the right advice. Contact one of the team today on 0131 554 7365 to discuss your individual needs, or email any questions to: To browse through our services, visit:


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