We all look forward to a comfortable retirement. The sooner you plan for your years after work, the better off you’ll be.

Rowanbank can help you with your pension plan, whether you wish a review before you retire or you don’t yet have one and want to start. Recent changes to legislation make pensions more attractive than ever. For businesses, we can even assist with auto-enrolment to the new pensions reform announced in the 2014 Budget.

Starting out

The earlier in your working career you begin contributing to a pension, the lower the monthly payments will be. Whatever stage you are at in your working life, we can find the best option for your circumstances.

Existing pensions

If you already have one or more pensions in place, we can keep an eye on them for you to make sure they stay healthy. We can propose the best course of action if you have multiple pensions from various jobs in your career: whether to consolidate or leave them as they are. We can also advise on any impact a change of jobs may have on your existing pension.

Planning to retire

You may have an age in mind when you would like to retire. We will help you work out how much you will need to make that happen and how best to go about it with the funds you have available.

If you plan to retire soon or are about to retire, we can check that your pension provider is offering you the best option and advise on alternatives if appropriate.

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